Financial Peace University

Bring your personal financial house in line with God’s wishes for a full life.


The Lowdown

Financial Peace University is a nine week course that we run periodically. During each weekly session we spend one hour with Dave Ramsey via prerecorded video, and then a second hour breaking out in small groups for discussion and workbook exercises. The course takes us through step-by-step how to put our finances in line with God’s teaching. To find out more about this life-changing experience, contact the church office.

The Rest of the Story

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not to have to worry about money?  What would your days, weeks and years be like if you have achieved financial freedom?  How would your relationships with your family, your friends, your neighbors, and with God, change without the stress of financial bondage?  Nice thoughts aren’t they?  But…you say… that’s not reality.  Wrong, you silly Christian.

God knows that we will struggle with money and has placed over 800 references to money management in the Bible.  Over 800!  Guess He knows we have trouble getting it right the first time.

These hundreds of passages are our road map.  For Christian’s seeking God’s best, he laid out these principles so that we could achieve the fullness of peace that He desires for us all.  But 800, how do we make sense of all those references?  It must be complex!

That’s where the ministry of Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University, is simply brilliant.  Dave Ramsey has boiled down the 800 into 7 steps to bringing our personal financial houses in line with God’s wishes for a full life.

It’s time for financial peace!  Act now!