Extended day

Class schedule

6:30 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Class size

In the Extended Day Preschool there will be no more than 18 children with one teacher and two assistants. In the Three year old Extended Day Program, there will be 12 children with one teacher and one assistant. In the Toddler program there will be no more than 10 children with one teacher and one assistant.


Snacks will be provided for Extended Day Preschool and Toddler Program children. Please have your child bring a lunch. Please let the staff know if you would like it to be refrigerated. Please label your child’s food when placing it in the refrigerator.


Children are required by state regulations to rest each day. A mat will be provided and each child will be encouraged to rest. Parents are asked to launder children’s bedding weekly.

Daily routines

Toddlers (pdf) | Preschool (pdf)

Program closings (Holidays)

Extended Day and Toddler programs are open year round. The Extended Day program is closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (2 Days, Thursday & Friday), Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Cancellations & delays

In case of severe weather, call the school and listen to the Director’s voice mail message for any delays. Closings will also be broadcast through the School Closings Network on most major TV stations and their websites.


In addition to the general information on illness, please note that in the Extended Day Preschool and Toddler Program, the staff is able to administer medication, in it’s original container, to a child if necessary. A State form, filled out by a doctor and parent/guardian, for medication must accompany the medication. The only medication that can be applied without a state form is a non-prescription, non-oral medication. This must be given to staff in the original container and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian permission note.


Tuition for the entire week as scheduled on a child’s enrollment form is due and payable in advance not later than Monday morning of each week.  Parents are encouraged to use an automatic withdrawal system Tuition Express. Tuition can also be paid by check.

The Extended Day Preschool and Toddler Programs both require a two-week deposit paid prior to enrollment.

You are allowed two weeks of vacation a year in which you do not have to pay tuition. (This is based on your child’s start date, not on the calendar year.) If you intend to use vacation time for any absences, written notice must be given two weeks prior to the absences. If you take your child out for an extended period of time (i.e. July‒August) we can not guarantee placement for your child when they intend to return. If prior notice is not given, the full tuition rate will be charged.

Tuition checks can be placed in the mail slot above the sign-in table in the front entry way of the building. If you are leaving a cash payment it should be in an envelope that is marked with both your name and your child’s name. A supply of envelopes is located in the pocket of the sign-in sheet binder.