Welcome to St Paul's! Have a look around and know that you are welcome to join us for Worship, Fellowship, and Learning. Our Human Care, Spiritual Care, and Prayer ministries are here to serve you.

One unified Worship Service: June 11, 9:30 am
Annual Meeting: Following after the service

On Sunday, June 11, St. Paul’s will be having its Annual Meeting, discussing the ministry of the previous year and the hopes for the year to come. You will not want to miss it!

Please arrange your day to come to the unified worship service at 9:30, with the Annual Meeting following on its heels. Every member is strongly encouraged to attend– we are joining together to accomplish God’s work, and this is our yearly check-in. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Every weekend

Worship 5 pm
Adult Bible & topical class 4 pm, Sep–Jun
Worship 8:30 & 11 am
Children's Sunday School and Youth Classes 9:45 am, Sep–Jun
Adult Bible & topical classes 10 am, Sep–Jun